Army  of  GOD


We were serving our homeless in Toronto with one of our Serving  Charity engineers and

 I was taking shots of my beautiful friends lying down on the sidewalks of our city.


This is Sharon.



While she was sleeping on the side walk I took her photo.

While I was giving food to other ladies she heard and woke up and said

 ‘I am thirsty’

So I gave her water right away

Followed by food and donuts.


The SC. engineer overheard and she poured Tea for Sharon and then I gave it to her

And said ‘Hello Sharon, while you were sleeping  I took some shots, let me take a couple more of you’.

So I took a few more shots



When I came to my office and looked at the photos


I got goose bumps


In the first photo, Sharon had an angel over her.

And then, when she was thirsty and got up to drink, the angel ended up over her left shoulder.


When I was taking the photos I did not see St.Michael in the background.


The angel in the photo is for St.Michael’s  hospital.

It is St.Michael , He is viewed as the field commander of the

Army of GOD


Watching over the shoulder of a

Thirsty woman

  Lying down on the side walk in need of





I went back a few nights later and took this shot of


St. Michael

 He is watching over the city of Toronto

And is watching over Sharon

And  says




Please give







In GOD We Trust