Birthday Charity


For a few years I spent my Birthday at Mother Teresa’s 1st Home for the sick and
Dying in Kalighat, Calcutta.

You clean, wash and feed the sick and elderly. It is such intense work. They die right in your arms, you pray over them and then wrap them up in white cloth.

I believe a Birthday is one of the most beautiful days, it is the day we received LIFE
We should celebrate
Let ourselves express humanity, love, compassion, Charity
Let our new year be even better than the last
Let our kindness shine more than ever so that we can become a better person.

Earlier this year the SC SK FT (Serving Charity Soup Kitchen Friday Team) all came together and
Celebrated everyone’s birthday in April. It was a very good turn- out with a couple hundred people. It was amazing to see

how people came out to give and support each other for the Crying Nobodies children in Haiti.

I called my Brother in Charity, Aman, and said ‘why don’t you also celebrate your Birthday for the Crying Nobodies Children of Calcutta’ because I will be going there soon. And, as the gentleman that he is, he said ‘you got it’. Then after hearing the idea two other lovely SC SK FT Girls Ahkinder
and Aanchal decided to celebrate their birthdays along with Aman for the Crying Nobodies Children of Calcutta

Here in our home Toronto.


The 1st day when I got to Calcutta, I met with all my beautiful Poorest of the poor friends on the sidewalk.

They were waiting for me with SO MUCH LOVE.

Calcutta is the city where everywhere
you go
you see
you hear
There is a desperate NEED for Charity.

When you are alone you reflect on it.

True Charity is so very much ALIVE in Calcutta.

On the 1st day the
Serving Charity Calcutta boys and I

were walking very fast between hundreds of people and something caught my attention. I went back and looked closely between the people and traffic. There was a dying man lying down on the sidewalk. I ran to him, the smell was so bad, I thought he was dead but then he moved.
My heart dropped.

He looked at me with praying hands begging for mercy.

I lifted him up and helped him to sit-up

I yelled at the SC boys to get me some water, they ran and got the man water. He could not speak.

I sent the SC boys to get him food.

He was in so much pain that he couldn’t even swallow, he kept throwing up.

I eventually had to leave the man to visit a few other sick people and also to arrange a ride to take him to Mother Teresa’s

home in the morning, but I came back to see him at night.

He wanted to stand up so we lifted him but he was too weak to stand on his feet.

I kept praying ‘oh dear Mary have Mercy’

One of the SC boys took me to meet another boy. He said that this was the dying man’s Son.

The boy, standing on my right, was looking at his dad with such sorrow.

I was so shocked. He was such a beautiful boy but every time I asked questions
about his dad he would put his head down. His face looked so vulnerable,
emotionally wounded and hopeless.
I could feel his suffering in my chest.

And there it was on my 1st day in Calcutta, the 1st Crying Nobodies Child of Calcutta in need beside his dying father on the sidewalk.
This was the purpose that Aman, Ahkinder, and Aanchal were celebrating their birthdays for the next day at home in Toronto.

I gave the Boy some funds, told him to stay with his father and that we would come back the next day to take him to Mother Teresa’s Home for the sick and Dying.

Then we went to feed the children

And our lovely Ladies


The whole night I kept thinking about the people we helped during the day, especially the boy.

I prayed and prayed. I promised myself that I am going to make him smile and ease his suffering just a little.

In the Morning I divided up the SC boys into a few teams to get the
supplies for the Orphanages and other SC food programs for the sick and dying.

It was raining. I sent Israel, the Serving Charity Operations Manager in Calcutta, with a few other
SC boys to lift up the dying man and put him in a rickshaw on the main road.

In the meantime, the other boys and I loaded up a truck with goods to deliver to people in need.

The sick man’s son stood by him while the SC boys tried to get a Taxi but Nobody wanted to stop and take the man because he was in such bad shape.

Every taxi they asked they were refused. The look on his son’s face was torturing me.

I got so angry that I went to a few taxis and yelled at them ‘name your price, how much?’

This is their struggle every day.

Finally I bought a lungi to put around him, put him in a taxi and off we went to Kalighat.

Kalighat was full of sick and dying people, they had no room.


When we arrived

They were all praying


I asked for my beautiful Mother Teresa Sister, the superior sister.

We have known each other for a few years.

She came and gave me such an amazing welcome and then took the dying man in and spoke to his Son.

When we were leaving Kalighat we all sat at the back of the truck, we were all so happy.


Everyone felt so relieved and peaceful that the boy’s dying father who was lying on the sidewalk now had a bed and people to care for him.

I said a little prayer and thanked my GOD for his blessings

And thought about SC SK FT

Ahkvinder, Aman, Aanchal

and how they are having their Birthday for the Boy, it was such joy.

Then I asked the boy

 ‘when is your birthday?’

He replied
And this is how GOD works.

I took him with me and gave him SO MANY HUGS, and SO MUCH LOVE

We made him Smile

We took him for a birthday cake.

He had broken sandals that kept coming out from under his feet so we took him shopping and got him Shoes

We made sure he had a great time.

 He was the only boy out of all of the SC boys that could not speak English.  I made him a new member of the Calcutta Serving Charity Staff.

Then we all went to Pray for his dad at Mother Teresa’s Tomb 

While Mother Teresa is taking care of him

The SC boys went to bring Mercy to other dying families.

The next day our new SC Calcutta boy helped to bring thousands of cookies to feed Children in the orphanages.

While it was pouring rain in Calcutta

And we were carrying the sick man and delivering goods

In Toronto it was also pouring rain

The leftover birthday cake was wrapped up by my charity sister that I picked up in -30 degrees sleeping in a bus shelter

only with sandals in Toronto last winter.


We brought her in and she is now Serving Charity staff and has a home.


This very special birthday cake was passed on at our 2:00am Serving Charity feeding the homeless program

by my brother policeman in charity, Marc,

and my brother Victor our Serving Charity Operation Staff


to our poorest of the poor sleeping on the sidewalk in Toronto.


This is how we can serve the Crying Nobodies Children of Calcutta
and turn things around not only for ourselves but for the poorest of the poor and to experience

GOD’s Birthday Charity blessing


In GOD We Trust