Mother  Teresa



Chose the

white and blue striped garment

White stands for purity

Blue stands for the


Mother Mary




Chapter 1:




Has provided everyone with a different ability that we can use for charity

If you are an engineer, construction worker, janitor, secretary, chef, musician or any ability you have

We can use what we have in some way some how

to help the suffering



The other challenge is when people do not care to do charity and the bigger challenge is when their opinions get in the way,

which is far away from the path of charity, or they do not want to do



But if you be strong and have FAITH in GOD and do good deeds, they will turn around


 I developed a phenomenal strategy used for most of

The events at





I try my best to convince my staff, promoters, to book shows to collect non-perishable items

For example, if the cover is $10 then I strongly suggest they do $5 cover with a can of food

Because this way we have let good deeds shine in people’s hearts for the unfortunate,



This practice is a beginning of giving

For those that bring the non-perishables it means that they

CARE for the POOR



And I am positive that will grow within them

Some of the shows from

Heavy Metal, Rock’n’Roll, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Jungle, Country to Orchestra etc.,

We raise incredible canned goods that we pass on to unfortunate families




Chapter 2:



To raise goods and provide an honest operation is hard labour

We work 18-20 hours, 7 days a week, with no pay

But at the end of it all it comes down to your





After all of the hard labour it becomes


It feels so right

It feels so good

when we go to see unfortunate families and we see a

single mother with a few kids with nothing in the kitchen, the fridge and shelves are empty


or in other parts of the world you see
Families living on the sidewalk with their children



It is such a powerful feeling that you have brought




Chapter 3:



This Chapter is written by




March 2008

My daughter Kayla and I


Mr. ABBAS to pray with the

Missionaries of Charity.



After the prayers

 Mr. ABBAS began emptying the Hummer filled with canned foods he brought from

el Mocambo for unfortunate families. 


Sister Setan



tried to help and carry some of the boxes out of the Hummer as well.

There was one green box that the Sister tried to pick up and Mr. ABBAS said to her ‘Sister please it is heavy,

leave it because you will twist your back, please please let me carry it’

Sister Setan took me and Kayla downstairs. Sister gave Kayla

A picture of Jesus in a frame for her birthday that had just passed.


When Mr. ABBAS came back he lifted the green box which he asked Sister Setan not to carry. As he went down the stairs he twisted his back!

I could not believe that after stopping Sister Setan from lifting the same box because he

Thought she would twist her back, he twisted his instead!





Chapter 4:



So I came back with a twisted back

My friend called me, she insisted on coming with me to pour tea for the homeless

while I handed out sandwiches, water, tea and cookies

She told me ‘ABBAS you are crazy, please let me help you’

I said to her ‘thank you my beautiful friend, but I would like to go and see what is my calling for this injury and receive my blessing

Then while I was crumbling and trying to fill up the Hummer, my lovely friend, Adan, at the top of the stairs



 saw me struggling

He felt really bad and said ‘please let me come with you’

I said ‘oh, thank you very much, I will be ok, I want to see my calling and receive my blessing’


A year before that, I remember I went to bring the Hummer to fill it up with sandwiches and water

Although I have two black belts and competed all of my life and I usually am really fit when it comes to getting the job done,

that summer I tried to jump over the fence like 007 at the back of el Mocambo

and fell down over a wet plastic cup and broke my foot

So for two days I went with a broken foot to serve the homeless before I had the time to go to the hospital

I have to tell you, my foot was the size of a watermelon


But if it wasn’t for that broken foot, and el Mocambo roof construction expenses,

I would not see the opportunity

To share the SC 2 am Giving with my volunteers, friends, staff and people

That physical suffering opened up a new gate, it put Serving Charity in the incredible path

To build the Serving Charity Soup Kitchen

and now we have hundreds of people coming, young, old, children and children with disabilities,



To make sandwiches for our homeless suffering men and women in need of







Chapter 5:


 2:00 a.m



I remember we had just got back from the Dominican Republic taking care of Haitian refugees



with my beautiful secretary Kristina, Serving Charity engineer Rishi and my friend Alex



We took care of a lot of families




When I came back to Toronto I was shocked from

 what I heard from My Sister




was a homeless lady and used to sleep and live in Tim Horton’s and Starbucks

For nine years she moved from coffee shop to coffee shop


Zena used to own her own house and business with her husband and drive a Mercedes Benz,

 but when her husband passed away she ended up



She is an incredible artist



So every week I put together requests for her drawings to help with her weekly expenses

Her drawings have inspired so many people’s lives



It was so incredible to see how many

  Serving Charity

 Staff, friends, engineers, teachers and people she

















Zena’s drawings brought tears to their eyes and they Felt 


Wanted, loved, cared for, joy, remembered, all by an  

 Unwanted, unloved, uncared for, suffering, forgotten


 homeless woman

that lived  


coffee shop to coffee shop






Then one night

I felt like I got hit by a train


when Zena told me she had not laid down in a bed for two years

I couldn’t believe that we had just come back from taking care of Haitian refugees,

but at least those people lie down on the ground or a piece of mattress



but to hear and see this in Toronto,

a sophisticated city,



 and a rich country compared to the world

 It is quite a tragedy 



I brought her to my green room for bands and she slept for four days straight


Every night I had dinner with her and Fred, GOD willing she has a home now, she is ok



So I started passing out food, water, cookies, pouring tea was quite scrutinizing with a twisted back

So I kept looking for my blessing, ‘where is my sign, where is my sign, GOD show me my sign’

Which almost every night I have some sort of sign or miracle when I serve the poorest of the poor

But on a special occasion I have special miracles

The fact that everyone asked me what was wrong was quite annoying because I had to explain to 100 people what was wrong


I finally got to Tim Horton’s that night and ordered chicken noodle soup for Fred, Zena and everyone and gave them

sandwiches, water, tea and cookies

When we sat down Zena turned around and she said to me ‘ABBAS I have a present for you’

She knew I loved her drawings but when she turned the picture around I felt




Mother Teresa

 of Calcutta

Came to my life

 turned my upside down life

to right side up


I was lost but now I am found

 I was blind but now I see


She stands for the poorest of the poor and is my idol

And I twisted my back over carrying the goods for the poor in the

Mother Teresa house

I turned down my friends’ help because I believed there was going to be a sign for me and I wanted to see it

I just couldn’t believe it would be that clear

She drew Mother Teresa, my guardian angel, talking over me to care for the forgotten



The blessing that I was looking for that night was this













In GOD We Trust