Bribe for Charity




Mary of Fatima

came to my dreams.




When I woke up I thought to myself ‘wow’ what a lovely blessing. I then did my morning prayers and while I was still lying down I checked my blackberry and saw that I received an email from an orphanage in Haiti. It said ‘Mr. ABBAS we have no food for the children’.

The next email was from my secretary saying Flights to the Dominican Republic (D.R.), which is our route to Haiti, is on super special for $197 + tax.

Then I realized that is why Our Lady came to my dreams. The emails were just the calling,

From our Lady crying for



the hungry nobody’s children


 So I told my secretary to go ahead and book the tickets.


On the first day in the Dominican

 we went serving our Children 








right after shopping filled up the van with thousands of canned food, baby food





and hundreds of clothes for Men, Women and Children




 which had been packaged for hours and hours by

Our lovely Susan, Lovisa and Stephanie,

 Serving Charity Soup Kitchen Wednesday Team.


At 4:30 am we began our journey to Haiti again. The scenery is so incredible after Santo Domingo to the Haitian border. You see different kinds of poverty, hard working farmers, Haitians in the sugar fields and doing construction. Hard brutal labor for so many hours, it is modern slavery.


When I got to the border, the D.R. customs stopped my driver and just started picking on him saying that if he goes to the other side it will be a problem. I tried to convince the D.R customs that this was not the first time going, we go there all of the time and everything will be ok. The truth was it wasn’t about the Serving Charity donations, they just wanted a bribe. After an hour going back and forward they stayed on ‘no’ ground and we had to transfer all of our goods from our van to




another truck with a Haitian driver




They sent someone else to receive the bribe. It just made me feel sick in my stomach. Then I finally went to the Haitian border and I saw some of the ugliest forms of humanity, just like vultures, asking for bribes. So I kept buying people one after the other and kept explaining that these goods are for the Crying Nobodies children and your country called my country for help, but they did not care.

They kept telling me if you want these to go to Haiti you have to pay.

So I finally bought out what I thought was the last person.

I was about 10 feet from the gate to Haiti




when another ruthless Police man started yelling and screaming that the goods could not go into the country, we need this and that. The look on his face was so obvious, everyone got money he wanted to get his share. I just did not have the spirit to give into the bribes anymore. It stressed me out so much, I came so close to burst out and put him down and beat the shit out of him. Then I thought to myself that I would get arrested and I just let it go. I had a hard time breathing when I saw that these people had been given authority to serve their country, especially as it is a country falling apart and the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. The ones representing ‘justice’ were the criminals. I grabbed the guy’s left hand, he had a ring. I said you have a wife and children, this food is for the Crying Nobodies Children with no food in the orphanage.  He said ‘I don’t care you have to pay’ and was negotiating his bribes with me.

While all of the bribe negotiating was taking place 50 feet away was a

UN  Tank



sitting between the 2 borders.


It brought me so many flashbacks of many years ago when I was traveling through Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India’s ground borders. It was some of the most magnificent landscapes in the world, villages set alongside cliffs with the goats and animals. The villagers were there to give you incredible hospitality. At the Pakistan border the police robbed me.


Anyway, on the good side, I had an incredible Haitian truck driver and some kid that needed a job so I hired him for a day. They were honest, fighting for me and so disgusted to see how their government was so corrupt. After long hours of stress I was hoping that the police would not give into their sinful temptations but show their righteousness and compassion. I did not want to be part of their sins. Eventually I calmed down and I went back inside and bought out the last coward, then they came out and took a few boxes of food, including baby food, for themselves. It disgusted me even more. At the end of so much emotional struggle, all of the food got to the children and the staff of the orphanage were crying tears of compassion. It was such a magnificent relief.




Although the path of mercy was filled with sinners and darkness, as always, the light of compassion shone at the end.


Despite all of the corruption and bribery, in my heart there was absolutely no doubt that I was going to take the food to the children. Even if I had to break every single Haitian, Dominican or international law, I would not think twice to break them to take the goods to the Crying Nobodies Children. When I think back now, it has always been my FAITH in GOD that allowed me to overcome all of the walls.


I know your deeds. See,

 I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.

 I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. Revelation 3:8





In GOD We Trust


5 Oct 2010