The treatment of love and compassion

will lead to the behaviours of love and compassion.


 This April, I went on a Charity trip to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.



It is clear, at the 1st Serving Charity orphanage at Puerto Plata,



that the five resident children are learning valuable lessons about life and love.

Despite their past hardships SC children are developing into beautiful little citizens of life

with the guidance of their caregivers SC Staff.


Our first meal together was at a local pizza parlour, and I was amazed at their patience

while our food was being prepared.

While at their own table, the children quietly waited and organized their drinks—

all without any fighting amongst themselves or prompting from the adults—

an experience I have to say is rare back home in Canada!


I marvelled at their good manners and the sight of their little heads bowed as we said grace.



 Their reverence for the meal showed their appreciation and respect of dining together.


Another example of their good deeds was after a shopping trip to a local store, La Sirena,



for household supplies. As soon as we returned with our purchases, the children rushed to

help us unload the bags and carry them back to the house.


Some bags were quite heavy, even for me, but the boys gallantly

hoisted the loads of rice and other goods, proud to be able to do their part and contribute.


Seeing the children happily helping out was another sign of their

gratitude and willingness to do what they could to help the home.


I didn’t realize until later, how much they connected these items with their appreciation for us.


Asked to draw pictures of their lives, the oldest, SC Child, illustrated us as

floating creatures above their house. The specific creatures?

Mermaids, or loosely translated, La Sirena.





Bernice Lau