Christmas Eve 2010

It was such a beautiful day,

We prayed so much for GOD to give us the ability to do lots of charity and serve the poorest of the poor.

Serving Charity served so many families.

I had Christmas Eve lunch and dinner with my friends in charity then we continued to do charity.

We went to mass from 11pm to 2am and right after I hit the streets with lots of

Special Christmas Eve dinners; mashed potato, baked chicken, salad and sweets for the homeless.

It got very cold and windy – 10 plus cold winds, I could not believe how many people were sleeping out in the cold on Christmas Eve.

I saw one of my homeless friends sleeping so uncomfortably, he had squeezed himself into a small space for a little heat.

I gave him the special dinner and blanket to warm him up and he was so happy.

When I was walking away he yelled out

‘I love you’.

Then off  I went serving a few other people more food and blankets. It felt so good to do this work by myself on Christmas Eve.

I went around and passed the same street where I served my friend about 30 minutes before.

Two security guys had kicked him out of the space and he was no longer there.

They were kicking his Christmas Dinner with their feet.

I stopped and rolled down the car window and asked the security guys

‘Why did you kick him out?’

I said ‘It is  -10 degrees’

He replied ‘This is private property’

I said ‘But it is Christmas Eve’

He said ‘He cannot be here’

I said ‘It is 3:30 in morning, there is nobody here and it is the side walk’

He said ‘He has to go’

I told him ‘You remember that when you go to bed tonight.’

Then I looked at his face, he thought about what he had done.


 there are man-made laws

 to keep what is right or wrong between Man & Man.


there are laws between Man & GOD

Most of the time the laws between Man & Man

 CONTRADICT the laws between Man & GOD.

It will cause conflicts and suffering. It usually leads us away from righteousness.

Sometimes the laws between Man & GOD may not be convenient or worldly profitable

But at the end it is much more superior, Righteous for our Hearts, Soul, Character and Being between Man & Man.



In GOD We Trust,


January 2011