Please Read


first which will enable you to understand the

Number  5






My favourite number is  5





Being dislexic and not being able to spell even ‘potato’ is quite a challenge but there is also so much beauty in spelling with numbers.


Just a few years ago I discovered the number which has always connected me to GOD and his miracles.



On October 7, 1950

 Mother Teresa



Received permission from the Holy See to start her own order,

 "The Missionaries of Charity",

 whose primary task was to

 love and care for those persons nobody was prepared to look after



10  7  1950


1 + 7 + 15 =  23 = 2+3 =  5


Mother Teresa died on

September  5


abbas= 5  + Jahangiri = 9 = 14 1+4= 5


464 Spadina Ave 4+6+4 = 14 1+4 = 5


Serving  =7 + charity =7   =  14  1+4 = 5


Islam  elements = 5


Sri sathya sai

Organization elements =  5






This is letter  Serving Charity wrote to

Katrina and Laura




“ God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.”

 Mother Teresa



Dear  Katrina and Laura,



I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all


The poorest of the poor, unloved, unwanted and the suffering.



You both have truly touched my heart and carry on the incredible blessing,

there is no doubt in my mind and heart that you have been blessed and carry on the LORD’s blessing.

I wrote a beautiful story called GREEN Miracles and on that day March 20th




while I was spending a few thousand dollars on that day alone for the Haitian refugee Crying Nobodies Children

with my Serving Charity (SC) Children 4 Charity teachers,



You magnificent SC girls in Toronto fundraised $1420 for them on the same day.



And then when you came to my office for a meeting today



 I told you I have a special relationship with my GOD

And I said when people give me donations, I personally double it up.

Then when I took you down to the tea lounge and showed you photos and introduced you to


The SC Soup Kitchen Monday Girls,



I came up back to the office and I was thinking about number 5,

Because in most religions 5 is the meaning of GOD,

And it is my favourite number.


Your donation for the poorest of the poor is $1420, it means 1+4+2+0=7 and I said to myself I wish it was $1400 because 1+4=5

Then on top of the blessings you already have, there was another miracle.

I remembered what I always do and what I had told you earlier, that I would double the donation myself,

 so the actual number became


Laura and Katrina=$1420 

ABBAS doubled up donation = $1420

 so total donation = $2840.


When I added the 2+8+4+0=14 and

1+4= 5 


It put tears in my eyes and I started to pray.




But my story of GREEN Miracles was all about GREEN

 And then when I looked at your envelope you had a GREEN coloured TD Bank logo that says

 ‘Canada Trust’ which is also my signature,

 In GOD We Trust.

 But it was the money to trust for charity.





GOD Bless you


Laura and Katrina


For taking a step forward to be different, to be leaders for

The poorest of the poor

In need of




Matthew 5:16

“5:16 let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds.”





In GOD We Trust



Serving Charity






On Thursday April 16


I woke up I could not sleep. While I was lying down I took the phone and called my SC team leader,

she said


What a coincidence I am just outside el Mocambo passing by. I asked her if she had time for a Tea,

she said yes.


I also brought a bag of cash to go to bank.

I asked my friend if we could go to bank before they closed  then go for tea, 

she said  ok



When I go and  see the suffering  it does not matter how much  I spend, it is not  enough.  I fill up my visa card I borrow money to give to the poor because I have faith and I believe that when you do GOD’s work money will come.


I remember 3 years ago I maxed out my visa  for the Haitian refuges.  After that trip when I came back to Toronto the total sales from when I was gone that  my manager gave me was EXACTLY what I had spent for the poorest of the poor.



When I took the money to the bank with my SC team leader, the teller she counted the money while I was talking to my friend

The teller  told me there is was an extra $20

I said oh THANK YOU for being very honest, I took it and put it in my back pocket



I also have a relationship with my GOD,

 Every night I have stack of $5 bills in my back pocket for our homeless women and elder’s allowances.

 I want them to be OK until the next night when I see them

( the ones I know they do not do bad things and use the $5 for food or coffee money )




SO  I put the $20 in my back pocket and then my friend and I had a great meeting about

 SC.C4C.HPP in the Dominican over Tea at Tim Horton’s.


When I came back to work I told my brother Victor to give me all of his your receipts.

I had just grabbed some money, which ended up being $ 2600.  Victor’s receipt total was $1195 so I gave him

$1200, that left  me  with a balance of $ 1400. I came back to  my office and saw the envelope that I was suppose to add  my share of  $ 1420 to for the money raised by Laura and Katrina and I sad  wow here is the $ 1400 in may hand.

I went to put it in the  GREEN TD  envelope they had given me and said oh I am short $ 20. While I went to look for another $20 to add to it in my wallet I found in my pocket the $20 the bank teller had given me back. The total amount was dead-on.


But  the  Miracle was  not only that all of the numbers came together. Out of all the money I had taken to the bank, given to Victor and received form the teller, it could have been 100, 50, 10,….it was all  20 dollar bill, the only Canadian currency that it is the color of GREEN.