For the past few years I have really been looking forward to doing a different kind of charity trip.

I am always traveling across the oceans and continents

visiting the sick and dying and bringing goods and mercy to the needy.

It is the highlight of my life.

And every time I visit the Serving Charity Orphanages and take our SC children out for pizza and to shop I feel so blessed.

I am filled with joy and happiness with the LOVE that I receive.

It is a different kind of LOVE that I cannot fully express with words,

It just makes me feel closer to GOD like the innocent.


After creating almost a thousand different kinds of events and programs every year for decades,

From Rock Ďní Roll, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae to Orchestra concerts, and coordinating

From fundraisers and charity events,

From SC Soup Kitchens to SC projects around the world

From Soccer Teams to making kites

From Children for Charity In Toronto to abroad

From Canada to Haiti

From Vietnam to Iran

From Germany to Turkey.

Then I had an


That after all of these years, perhaps I should take all the

Serving Charity Boys and SC Toronto and Kolkata Secretaries on a charity trip across India.


We have developed such an amazing love for one another over the past 6 years as I have watched the boys grow up and sometimes almost die living on the sidewalks of Kolkata.

They do such amazing work for Serving Charity in Kolkata,

Bringing rice and goods for the sick and dying Crying Nobodies Children, it is incredible Charity work.


They have never been anywhere or had a home, bathroom, shower, someone to cook food for them, all of their lives,

some of them have never had a mom and dad.


For this trip I could ONLY imagine the success in LOVE between our SC staff but

never did I imagine or understand GODís plan, the miracles and blessings I was going to receive.


How our world is wrapped around family, business, wedding, and religion, vacations, many other kinds of trips, but to take the poorest of the poor or orphans on a trip is one of the most life changing experiences anyone could have.


I took the SC Toronto Secretaries and the SC Kolkata boys on the train

From Kolkata (Mother Teresa Homes) to Varanasi (Ganges River)

From Allahabad (bazaars)  to Agra ( Taj Mahal and Red Fort)

From Delhi (Akshardam) to Canot Place to other cities


From pillow fights to sleeping tight in the train

From Chai wala to chai wala to chai wala

From Restaurant to restaurant to restaurant

From Temples to Mosques to Churches

From Hindu prayers to Muslim prayers to Christian prayers

From Sick and Dying Homes to Kids with Special Needs and Orphanages


I made sure they all had the best TIME of their LIVES.


Although I have been serving the homeless on the sidewalk in Toronto for over 6 years,

This Trip brought me such and incredible understanding and perspective of

WHAT it really MEANS to have a CHILD and grow up on the sidewalk.

I understood better what I do and donít have on the inside.


On our last day

It was so hard to say goodbye to the SC boys. In less than one week the LOVE grew between the Toronto and Kolkata SC Staff so much that the SC girls were crying and the SC boys were so sad. It was such an amazing miracle to see genuine LOVE at such a fast pace, you sometimes donít see this between people together for long time or perhaps ever.

It was GODís Miracle to allow this genuine LOVE at such an amazing fast pace that everyone could understand and feel the blessing of genuine LOVE that GOD has created for each other.


When we got back to Toronto I got an email from the SC Secretaries in Kolkata.

They said that the boys have been coming to English classes every day,

And all they talk about is the Trip across India with Serving Charity.


Here are all the photos of the Serving Charity Trip with the SC Kolkata Boys.

Click here to see the photos.


In GOD we Trust


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January 2011