To the poorest of the poor


Not only by the rich but also, unexpectedly, by everyone else.


My sister and I served a very old lady that I have seen living in Mumbai for

the past 6 years.


The woman came crying to my sister saying ‘everyone is using me, they tell


you can sleep in the stairway,

I have to cook, clean and do so much work, but they never pay me.’


To see everyone taking advantage of this old woman is quite unjust,

not only to her but for our humanity and self dignity.


When my sister came to tell me about the woman,

she had this heartfelt look in her eyes.

I figured it was her blessing.  I gave her a lot of funds and told

her to go take care of the woman.

 My sister came back a few hours later with a lot of stuff,

so we went to give it to the elderly woman staying in the stairway where she slept.

The woman began to cry because of the joy and act of caring.


I saw that it made my sister feel better.

Giving is quite a beautiful way to make others, and especially ourselves,

feel better. But we should mostly think about

what kind of injustices we do to others without knowing it?


I went to the Biggest slums in the world today in Mumbai.

It is unreal to see what the human conditions are.

You feel that there is absolutely no hope in solving this problem. 

It just makes you feel hopeless

To see the Crying Children, elderly, women with their babies all squeezed

together by poverty, human waste, there are no bathrooms anywhere.




It is quite a scene.

Every single dollar I spend now, I think about how much I can

save and help these people. The human condition truly makes you speechless.



Serving Charity

In GOD we Trust