LOVE in Loud & Silent Conflicts





Hello my beautiful Friends in Charity,


Everywhere I looked this year there were conflicts between

Families & Families,

Families & Relatives,

Husbands & Wives,

Parents & Children,

Employers & Employees,

Landlords & Tenants,

Richest & Poorest,

Girlfriends & Boyfriends,

Old friends & Charity Friends.

I wrote this for you and

I Pray Pray Pray it will bring you

Faith in GOD for Peace in Heart to Heart for Peace...



When we are alone

We start thinking about ourselves and then we feel a lack of Love.

We want to go Travel, but we are alone. Everything becomes lonely.

Our hearts feel and give us ideas to do beautiful things and use kind words but then We get overwhelmed and confused by our thoughts, emotions and baggage.




When we see the one we love, everything is NOT quite the same way we thought and felt before.

When we are alone we have more LOVE. Somehow we think and feel different.

We cannot put the two together from our end or theirs.

We want our work to be fully successful with absolutely no compromise,

We want the toilet paper one way and he/she wants it the other way,

We say things we don’t mean, we mean things we don’t do.

We are always late in everything and keep our loved ones waiting years after years,

BUYING time we lost when our loved one was forgotten, mistreated, annoyed, or offended… Because we forget the COST.

Everything I say is RIGHT, everything you say is WRONG.

Blindly assumptions, expecting - expectations of LESS responsibility and MORE understanding or forgiveness.

Big bang inside, from BOTH sides.

Our LOVE gets into Loud & Silent Conflicts.

We cannot take off with all of our baggage the way we want to FLY.


Neither Sit Down or FLY with others


Not only can we not communicate, mayday, mayday.

Spirits get emptied,

Thoughts give up,

All Hopes collapse in the air,

Hearts Crash in the FIRE.

Tears fall.

Gray Clouds, Rain Rain Rain

Bridges fall

Walls up

Closed Doors


Just Silence

Then it HURTS SO MUCH. And everyone can only think of one thing,


When it is too late we realize and we wish, We hadn’t tried to FLY, YET.

Our controversial thinking, theory and intentions are

exhausted with our inability to deliver our Hearts, NO MORE.



In all of the Darkness Loud & Silent Conflicts and Suffering.

There is ALWAYS a little Light that shines true,


This little Light gets bigger and much brighter like SUNSHINE,

The Sunshine that moves

Red Clouds and Rain

It overcomes walls, to build Bridges to

an OPEN Doors that No one can shut. - Revelation 3.8





 “What no eye has seen,
 what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived”

 the things GOD has prepared for those who love him — 1 Corinthians 2:9

Then I see HOPE & Miracles and I keep praying ‘Dear GOD please let me hang on to this light more’. Because it keeps me close to the people I LOVE.





In God We Trust


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        April, 2011