GOD’s LOVE for the Poorest



A couple of months ago

When I was serving the Homeless at Serving Charity 2:00 to 6:00 am,

I came across a very old man, maybe 70 years old,

Crying and Crying

He had so many wrinkles on his face

His clothes were dirty and ripped, he looked like

The poorest of the poor.

The elderly man kept

Crying and Crying

And I kept asking

‘Why are you Crying?’

‘Why are you Crying?’

Then he told me

‘I was so Hungry,

I went to look for food in the garbage and then

I found this’

He reached out and opened his hand

And in his palm was a huge stack of $100 bills, at least a few thousand dollars.

The elderly homeless man’s tears were tears of joy.

I was so TOUCHED and HAPPY for him.

GOD was present in such an amazing way that night.

It was such a blessing to see how GOD LOVES all of his children.

From the Hungry Homeless child looking in the garbage for food,

To me hearing his Miracle and gaining more FAITH to do more every night,

To you reading this and feeling better.



In GOD We Trust


December 2010