Two years ago I met a homeless man name


At city hall, He had a beautiful German Sheppard K9 dog


And he was a soldier in Afghanistan





He sleeps with a few other people at Nathan Phillips Square city hall


Every night Ryan comes to the Hummer and gets food not only for himself but for his friends that are

Sleeping around him




It is so nice to see people caring for other people, with his act of caring for his friends

Ryan is a very compassionate boy


After one year of not seeing Ryan,

I finally saw him one night, he was much skinnier than before, and he had lost a lot of weight and had lots of

Red dots on his face, I was so happy to see him  and I said

‘Hello Ryan how are you?

Where is your dog?’


He said ‘I had to give him away’

I said ‘why’,

he said ‘I had to’

I said ‘why do you have so many dots in your face’

He went silent


I felt bad

Then he said ‘I have cancer, the doctor said I am dying’


I feet so horrible

I said ‘I am sorry to hear that Ryan


‘If there is anything I can do please let me know

I am here to serve you’


I saw him a few nights later giving the finger to a security guy


I said ‘what is going on’ and Ryan said that he is cold and the security just kicked him out


It was such a Miracle; I had only one blanket left that my beautiful friend in charity’s family

Had given me and I gave it to Ryan


I went and told the security guy ‘you know this boy you just kicked out

He doesn’t have that much time he is dying

Have some Mercy’


A few nights later I saw him laying down on the side walk but

 He had a bag as a pillow under his head


I quietly put down his sandwiches, water, cookies and Tea

Beside him and left, I didn’t wanted to wake him up but I wondered what was in the bag beneath his head


I figured that it was all his cancer medicine

It is such a tragedy to see a 34 year old Canadian

Suffering on his last days like this

What a shame


I saw him a few nights later

I said ‘Ryan where have you been



He said around, and then we chit chat for little bit and then I had to go to serve the rest of Toronto


I said ‘do you want anything’


He said ‘COFFEE’


I said ‘you got it, wait for me at the Coffee shop on Adelaide and then I will come Hook you

Up with whatever you want’


I got so busy serving my other homeless friends that it took me almost one hour

To get to the coffee shop


When I finally got there

Ryan was talking to my other friends Richard and Jim


I brought food for Richard and Jim


Jim is an old man, he is so sick and his legs have been infected with some sort of disease that he can hardly walk


Richard is a C.A.

He can make easy $80 to $ 100 per hour but he lost all his businesses and life over depression and

Medical conditions

Richard said to me “ Can I talk to you outside” and I said  “sure”


 Because there was a line- up at the Coffee shop

I gave Ryan $3 and said “get yourself a coffee and a donut”


I went outside and spoke to Richard


He told me that it has been a very hard month and asked me to put him in a hotel for a week

I said I could not do that but I will put you in a hotel for one day to clean-up and rest


Then Ryan came outside and I asked him ‘where is your Coffee and donut’

He was quiet then I asked him again and again


So he finally said


I gave the $3 to Jim


I said ‘why’

and Ryan said


‘He wanted coffee too’


Ryan touched my heart



Although he walked so far to get to the coffee shop


Although he waited over an hour


Although he is dying and wanted the coffee so bad


He gave it to the older man  in need of





So much compassion



There is so much


 for humanity, compassion, and righteousness

Among the poor

That the only way we can understand this

genuine way of LOVE rather than our way of LOVE

is to be among and




The poorest of the poor in need of






“ Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought. ”

Pope John Paul II

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