Wings from Heaven


Once a month or every two months I meet with three of my friends in charity to discuss our new

Serving Charity projects in







in Africa.


We have a tradition in which we go to

Pizza Pizza stacked

and we always have a family size combo that includes pizza, 10 chicken wings and 4 pops. It is the perfect combo for four people


But I always get an extra 10 chicken wings so we all have 5 each.

I put in the order and in the meantime we began talking about the projects. One of my friends saw a guy behind me and said ‘ABBAS this guy has been going back and forth’.

I said to her, ‘you go check on the pizza and wings and I will go see if he is homeless’.


I went outside and it was so cold. There was this homeless man with a running nose and he was paralyzed, he was using crutches and he was shivering. I asked him ‘Are you hungry’

and he said ‘Yes’.

I said ‘Come inside with me’.


I told my other friend to put him at the table behind us.

 I went all the way to the cashier and got him a pizza combo with a bag of chips and pop. My other friend came to me and said ‘ABBAS, he told me he wants chicken wings’.

Then I thought to myself I had already ordered him the pizza combo. So I brought him the pizza combo and he started eating. Then when I brought our food with the pizza, wings and pop we prayed and then I began distributing our food. I put 5 wings for each of us,

Then I could not believe what I saw, inside the box there were an extra 5 chicken wings.

 I kept recounting and there were 25 chicken wings in total.

 GOD had provided 5 wings for his cold suffering child.

Something the cold, hungry and homeless man asked for and there it was in the box for him.


I have been doing this for years and I have never received extra chicken wings.

The Love of GOD for the poorest of the poor, the needy, hungry, cold and suffering is so great.

Serve the poorest of the poor and you will see Miracles.


In GOD We Trust


sc black

November 2010